How We Make Shelfies

Each shelfie is designed, created and hand finished in our Birmingham Studio.  Here's how we make our collectable figures so lifelike.

Step 1 - The 3D Scan

Rogan getting 3D scanned The first step in creating a new Shelfie begins with a 3D scan.  This usually takes place in our Birmingham studio, where we have one of the countries largest purpose built 3D scanners.  We'll shoot with your favourite celebrity for an hour or so, very much like a traditional photoshoot.  We'll take around 100 scans in different poses and outfits.  Each scan is almost 2 Gigapixels worth of data.

Step 2 - Processing

Rogan 3D Scan Processing The 3D scans are then all processed on our render farm.  Our algorithms start by analysing each picture to find as many unique points as possible.  If it finds the same points in 2 or more photos, it can use the carefully aligned position of the cameras to plot the point in 3D space.  A successful scan usually consists over over 100 million points and we can use these results to find the best scan to turn into a shelfie.

Step 3 - Artwork

Rogan - ArtworkOnce processed, the high res scans are then worked on by one of our in-house artists.  There's some work cleaning up the scans, ensuring there's plenty of detail and improving the digital model.  We use the original photographs from the scanning session to create accurate colours before finally readying the artwork for the 3D printing process.

Step 4 - Production

The printing processThe figures themselves are created on state of the art 3D printers.  The printers lay down a layer of gypsum powder, just 100 microns thick, then use CMYK binders to print our copies of the stars in full colour.  It's similar to the way an inkjet printer might work at home.  Once the print completes, the unused powder is recycled and the models are taken for finishing.

Step 5 - Finishing

figure finishingThe final step to creating our shelfies is finishing. Each figure is carefully removed from the printer and cleaned by hand, removing any excess printing materials. We then treat them by dipping them in a bath of cyanoacrylate (super glue to you and me) which strengthens the model and brings the colours to life. After this has cured for a couple of days, each figure is sanded by hand to reduce the 3D printing build lines before being packaged ready for delivery to you!

Want a Shelfie of you?

Do you want to get your very own shelfie featuring you as the star?  Head over to our sister site BACKFACE where from £125 we can create your very own figure!