Florian Macek Sitting Shelfie

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Florian is a stand up all round good guy - he's the kind of lad you'd want to bring home to meet your parents.  Don't be fooled by his shy smile, he is an adventurous spirit, which you can see if you follow his travel stories on his Instagram.  Because of his good looks, wavy hair and striking form he captures his fans attention, but his down to earth personality keeps people coming back for more.

Now you can have your very own Florian figure to sit on your desk, shelf or bedside table at home.

As with all our shelfies, this Florian Macek sitting shelfie was created from a 3D scan of Florian himself.  Read more about how we make our shelfies here.

  • small  (1/15th scale) 
  • large  (1/10th scale)

We're working hard behind the scenes to get Florian's Shelfie ready to order!